KYZEN Height Adjustable Multipurpose Table


KYZEN Height Adjustable Multipurpose Table on Wheels for Study Laptop Office Work Classroom and Computer Use with Mobile and Tab Holding Stand Size:(39Lx59Wx76H CM)_(KYZEN_LT_FD_Brown)

Model: KYZEN_LT_FD_Brown


Mobile and tablet holding stand: The KYZEN Flexi Desk comes with a convenient mobile and tablet holding stand, allowing you to keep your devices within easy reach while working or studying. This feature ensures a tidy and organized workspace, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Height adjustable: The KYZEN Flexi Desk Plus offers easy height adjustment, allowing you to customize the table’s height to your preferred level for study, laptop use, office work, classroom activities, and computer tasks.

Multipurpose design: This table is designed to serve multiple purposes, making it suitable for study, laptop desk, portable office workstation, classroom table, or computer table, providing versatility and adaptability to different needs.

Movable with wheels: The inclusion of wheels in the design of the KYZEN Flexi Desk Plus adds mobility and convenience. You can effortlessly move the table around your home, office, or classroom, creating a flexible and dynamic workspace wherever you need it. Sturdy metal body: The KYZEN Flexi Desk Plus features a brown color powder-coated metal body, providing durability and stability. The sturdy construction ensures a reliable platform for study materials, laptops, office supplies, or computer equipment.


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